Last day at Hills Road

Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge on Thursday 26th May 2005. There are 66 images in this album. Click the photos to see larger versions.

,Ed, David, Rachel, Natasha Joe, Chris, Adam, George Mr Wardell (and his 20 question physics quiz) Joe, Chris and Adam Chris ,Ed, David, Rachel and Natasha ,,David, Rachel, Natasha Mr Wardell ,Rachel, Natasha George, Jack David, Rachel, Natasha Chris, Adam, George Mr Wardell Chris and George dscf0015.jpg Joe, Chris, Adam, George Mr Wardell running to get balloon Balloon Chris, Joe, Chris, balloon, Adam Mr Wardell, Chris and balloon ,David, Rachel, Natasha, Mr Wardell and George Mr Wardell and George George George iSketch iSketch iSketch Joe, Chris, Adam David, Rachel, Natasha ,David, Rachel, Natasha ,David, Rachel, Natasha Chris, Jack, Joe and Chris ,,Mr Wardell Jack's drawing of “fringe” in iSketch and Chris Chris and iSketch iSketch Rachel and Natasha leaving Chris, Richard, Simon, Gareth Chris, Richard, Simon Ollie Ollie and George Richard and George Richard and George Richard and George Richard James Simon, Pete People at bench Simon and Megan dscf0051.jpg Wall Simon Chris and Gareth Chris Samir Hand of Cai (with chips) Caroline Rosie and Chris Chris, Rosie and Jilna dscf0061.jpg dscf0062.jpg dscf0063.jpg Jack dscf0065.jpg dscf0066.jpg