Ultimate Event 2004

Alton Towers on Saturday 15th May 2004. There are 72 images in this album. Click the photos to see larger versions.

Ticket People in the attic Simon, Studley and Mike Alton Towers A path People walking X-sector at Alton Towers Path in Alton Towers Mike, Helen and Lou The castle Ugland at Alton Towers Backs of Lou and Simon Backs of Studley and Lou Mike Simon Entrance to the UG swinger Lou, Mike and Studley on the swings Studley, Lou and Mike queuing for the swings Mike, Studley and Lou getting on the swings Sitting in swings In swings Backs of Simon, Lou and Mike Backs of Helen and SImon View of Alton Towers Ride Backs of Helen and Simon Ride Gareth, Helen and Simon Studley and Mike Helen, Simon, Studley, Gareth and Mike Helen, Simon, Studley, Gareth and Mike Simon and Lou Runaway mine train Helen Crazily wet ride Lou Studley Simon Lou and Mike Gareth Simon, Helen and Gareth all very wet Studley, Lou and Mike Grass Empty stage Crowd Siani Rebecca St James Rebecca St James Crowd Rebecca St James Crowd Cameron Dante Speaker Delirious? Jim Jon Delirious? Delirious? Studley and Mike Hannah Mike Studley and Mike Lou and Mike Delirious? Jon Delirious? Martin at the Rhodes Studley Crowd leaving Jim standing by large sign Crowd after show Crowd after show