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Friday, March 31, 2006

Cambridge-MIT Undergraduate Exchange

I haven’t written anything here for months. Ho hum.

I heard back from the CME office about my application, and looks like I’ll still be kicking about in Britain next yeat.

Cambridge-MIT Undergraduate Exchange 2006-07

Thank you very much for your application for a place on the Cambridge-MIT undergraduate exchange, CME.

This year, there was again a large number of applicants who applied for the limited number of spaces. The standard of the applications was very impressive, so selection was inevitably quite difficult. Regrettably, and after much deliberation, the selection panel was unable to offer you a space on the exchange.

We appreciate that this must be disappointing news but we wish you well and every success in your continued studies here at Cambridge.

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Wallace, Rob Wallach and Caroline Yates

I was quite looking forward to the idea of spending a year out in America, perhaps some other time.

I have a small mountain of work and revision to get on with over the holiday, which I have given at least a passing glance, so hopefully I’ll get somewhere with it soon.

Off to see The Boat Race this weekend meeting a few people from Emma to watch the race and then hang about a bit after, Maria’s house located near-ish, I’m informed.

In the few months I’ve abandoned this the only person I know who’s passed by is Will, so on the off chance you’re here again, hi Will!