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Monday, July 10, 2006


I did feel sorry for the woman who is suing a dating service for sending her eight unsuitable men. There is a real problem here in that nobody who subscribes to these services—I write after discussing the matter with single friends—ever tells the whole truth. “Good-looking” means “not actually covered in boils and pustules”. GSOH (good sense of humour) means “will make you watch all his collection of Jim Carrey DVDs”. The difficulty is in knowing just how exaggerated and airbrushed the descriptions are. One solution might be to follow the example of the famous Chelsea estate agent Roy Brookes, who went for implacable and very funny honesty in his ads: “Damp infested garret, favoured with view of disused industrial site” … “you could swing only the smallest of cats in the so-called guest bedroom”, and so forth. Customers were so delighted to find that the property was much less horrible than they'd been told that they arrived to inspect in a very receptive mood.

From Simon Hoggart’s column in The Guardian.

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