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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Waitrose uniform

I’m finished at Waitrose for the moment, after a rather entertaining and slightly sad final couple of shifts, and am unplugging my computer this evening to make sure network and Internet things work at home before moving out. I need to do packing and have some maths to do.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

David Ford’s State of the Union

David Ford’s State of the Union is the free download from the iTunes music store this week. It sounds cool but I’m not sure I understand it yet.

Monday, September 26, 2005

…Life is always and never the same…

I’ve rediscovered Ellis Paul again recently. Cemal recommended his stuff to me a few years ago after finding a couple of free tracks on the old site.

Anyhow, last Wednesday I finished for the summer at CTAD, Jonathan took me out for lunch and we had a chat about my time there over the summer, and informally the possibility of return next year. It’s not been the most taxing work and not seeing people during the day wasn’t great, but having earnt some money will prove very useful in paying bills! People came in to the office before I left and gave me some biscuits and a card, which is rather cool. I seem to have spent most of the summer listening to the right earphone of my iPod headphones in my left ear, which is a strange experience, especially U2.

I’ll try and write something about work tomorrow when I’m fully finished, though I might not get round to it. Lots of stuff to do, mainly tidying, work and shortly I guess packing…

Si came home briefly over the weekend, though I only managed to have a chat to him for a few minutes in the afternoon before he had a nap. It meant Keith and Helen walked home from Panton on Sunday though, so I got to talk a bit. Uni starts rather soon!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code #244

I got a mention in Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast:

I don’t care about cars any more, I’ve had every stupid car you could imagine, except a Ferrari, never owned a Ferrari, but I've had Roll’s Porsches, clunkers, you name it, I’ve probably had it at one point in time even if I couldn’t afford it because I’ve always loved my car. I’ve kind of given up on it. I like the car service, the cab service that we use in Guildford, GM cars, so if you’re in Guildford and looking for a good car service tell them Mr and Mrs Curry sent you! They’re very trustworthy and just great guys.

So we use the car service most of the time but most of the time you need to go somewhere or have you own wheels in your own control and I’ve decided it’s definitely definitley definitely going to be a diesel and I want, over the course of the past 4–5 weeks we’ve talked about bio diesel, not ethanol, pure oil from different sources that you can make a diesel engine run on.

Gareth was nice enough to send me an e–mail about some article about this guy in the UK who bought a peaugot 205 diesel and he figured out how to create biodiesel from the chip shop, from the used up french fried grease. It costs him a total of $0.50 a litre, so about $1.50 a gallon, doing a rough estimate here. He says it costs him about $1000 a year to run his car, which of course depends on how far he's driving. He made a little processor in his shed from an old heating boiler and he asys that the waste vegetable oil from the kebab vans, they’re so happy with him they actually drop it off at his house…

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A week and a day left

Tomorrow’s my last day at CTAD and in a week I’ll be finished at Waitrose. This evening Eve’s mum came in, which was a nice suprise. I haven’t seen her for ages and was a bit suprised when she asked “Are you Gareth?” Turns out Eve has started uni this year, which is cool!

I seem to be putting in a lot of involuntary over time, arriving quarter of an hour early on Saturday and going home quarter of an hour late Saturday and today and am working tomorrow evening as well. Soon I’ll have a chance to get on with things.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The rules of advertising

Unwritten rules of advertising, from the BBC.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I’ve just caught the end of Scars of Evolution, which was interesting. The ability we have to change from autonomous breathing to concious breathing is reasonably unique, that chipanzees have no control at all so can’t swim, and that dolphins have lost the ability to breath automatically so can only put half their brain to sleep, which seemed interesting. The comparison between animals and humans brought back memories of the talk by at the rewards evening earlier this week.

Andrew preached at Panton this morning on John 8:42-47 on the children on the devil, which was really good. This week it’s goodbye CTAD (and the cool door fob), shortly to Waitrose as well, just under two weeks until I go off to uni.


Farewell cotag, I need something else to put on my key ring!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Lock up your vegetables!, The Guardian, Friday September 16, 2005.

The new Wallace and Gromit film is out on October 14, there above article highlights the problem of a cross-Atlantic release, how the American’s don’t understand the pure comedy genius… :D

A trailer over at the official website.

It’s September 16th!

Today was meant to be my last day at CTAD for the summer, but there’s still work to do so I’m staying on another three days. As Ian was leaving there was a lunch trip to the pub, which as I’m leaving soon I went on. It was really good and I only wish I’d been talked into lunches a bit earlier, I seemed to end up getting caught out with other arrangements early on and didn’t get into the pub lunch group. Anyhow, I’ve been informally invited back during my holidays so may well return.

Between the showers on my afternoon off I went into town and then over to see Chris. On my travels I had a chat with Sam O, saw Matt briefly before rain seemed ominous and Nick to, which made it more interesting.

Chris’ birthday was today, and he tells me he spent most of the day with Rosie. He’s had a much more relaxed summer than I so has had a chance to get on with interesting stuff, and it was good to have a chat to Chris. Working so much takes up too much time!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hills Road awards

This evening was Hills Road’s annual prize giving and I got the award for “all-round achievement and commitment in Computing and Economics,” one of I guess around 100 or so people to get awards.

There was a somewhat lengthy ‘brief’ review of the year by the principal, followed by the awards (£10 heffers vouchers) and a talk by the guest speaker, Prof. Clayton. It wasn’t amazing, but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Everyone seemed to disappear after the awards but I saw Megan, Dmitry, Eleanor, Ishbel. The maths awards suprised me—Julian got one and the others went to people I didn’t know, I’d expected James/Chris to be getting them…!

Monday, September 12, 2005

The new Guardian and iTunes 5

In reverse order, I’ve finally got my iPod shuffle working with iTunes again. Lots of installing and reinstalling later I'm still not entirely sure what the problem was but I’ve written out what I did in a post over at the Apple Discussions site.

Anyhow, over the weekend The Guardian printed a preview of the new Berliner look which I was impressed with, and the new paper today was good to. The Berliner is roughly the same width as a tabloid, but taller. The tabloid-sized supplements are now predominantly Berliner sized apart from G2 which is magazine size, following the preview edition on Saturday. The paper seems a bit lower quality than the preview, but that’s probably a good thing for environmental stuff.

All pages are now in colour, which gives scope for more interesting design and the new typeface, discussed in more detail by Mark Bolton looks good and definitely makes a nice change. The smaller format and wider columns are going to make it easier to read, though. The digital version of the Guardian is free until September 26th, so may be worth checking out.

And we won the Ashes, of which I saw rediculously little. Working hours seem to have a habit of coinciding with daylight hours. :-(

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A week

I’m happier today because I hear Si’s getting on well in his YFC training and Helen seemed talkative this morning.

Work yesterday was long, significantly longer than I’d hoped to or expected to work. I think I’ll end my time at Waitrose on some nice long shifts! Alice came into Waitrose on Tuesday evening was really nice. She tells me she got AAB so is off to Durham and Max was chatty when I woke up from my first-and-a-half lunch. This got me thinking about how great Economics turned out to be—really glad I got talked into taking it. Many a superb lesson, I’ll have to find some drawings and do a bit of scanning later.

My iPod still isn’t working, and all this reinstalling and installing iTunes means I haven't got an easily accessible audio player. Chris has been trying to talk my out of the high-resource iTunes and having seen the ml_ipod plugin using iPod functionality with Winamp efficiency could be great, though for sharing music I’d really like to get iTunes working. I’m off for some more restarting fun….

Thursday, September 08, 2005

iTunes 5

Apple released iTunes 5 earlier today. I’m not a great fan of the new interface but it seems to have lost some of the laggyness I experienced in earlier versions. It doesn’t seem happy about detecting my iPod shuffle though, I keep getting this.


The software required for communicating with the iPod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPod’s software.


iPod software update is 50MB, I think I’ll go to bed.

Scott Stapp has announced a new album and I’ve liked some of his acoustic stuff, so hopefully this album will be good. Delirious? are also talking about their new album in CyberSmallTalk 11, over on their site.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Just over a fortnight ago Matt got in touch with me about a post I’d made about twoshot at, offering me a shirt for £16. I sent him a cheque and after Soul Survivor the shirt was in the post and with me after two days. Superb service, and a superb shirt. Here are some nice photos:

Front of package Back of package Folded shirt Front of shirt Closeup front of shirt Back of shirt Closeup back of shirt Unify flyer

Sienne was distributing smiley faces earlier today in the software/production meeting so I’ve got a smiley face on the little guy at the moment. Superb! Anyhow, for anyone interested Matt asks me to direct you to and, if you can get to Cambridge then to Unify, 72 King Street. Fall this year should see the re-launch of, in the mean time have a look the catalogue.