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Saturday, July 30, 2005

A brief catch-up

It's been a while since I've written anything here, so here's an idea of what I've been up to.

Jonathan’s found me a job working for him over the summer, so I'm doing proper 9–5 hours at Cambridge Training and Development Ltd., 5 days a week there. The projects I'm working on with them are CD–ROM and web–based activities, which work as a big bunch of HTML files, JavaScript and (sometimes) a VLE. I’m a “production assistant” mainly involved in importing scripts into the in–house software used to create the pages. Trying to achieving the required functionality is interesting, the people are great and the pay isn’t too bad, though my holiday will end up being slightly short than I’d envisaged—I get four days off before I finish in mid–September.

I’m also still working at Waitrose, though I hear today Roger handed his notice in on Tuesday, which is a shame. He retired earlier in the year and was staying on as he needed the money but I think it became a bit tough. It’s a shame he won’t work out his notice and his jokes—if occasionally slightly inappropriate—I’ll miss.

Nearly a month ago now I finished exams, which were a mixed experience, the harder STEP papers in particular not going so well. My time at Hills Road finished with an enjoyable end of term leaver’s ball. I’ve got some great memories of the last two years and hopefully won’t lose touch with people, which reminds me—Max has returned to Waitrose!

I’m having a few piano lessons over the Summer but—after 10 years—might have difficulty continuing if I don’t get in to Cambridge. I’ve been playing Beethoven Piano Sonatas and really started enjoying piano again which is great.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Twoshot at

I see Matt’s started selling his high quality Twoshot tees over at, which caught my eye in his MSN messenger name. I really like Matt’s designs, so thought I’d contact the support team over at TheStyleGuru and ask about sizing. I was seriously impressed, a response within 15 minutes to a late–night e–mail, sending me the following grid which I couldn’t see anywhere on the main site, so thought I’d post here.

Shirt sizes at


Chest (1" below the armhole)


Bloke XL



Bloke L



Bloke M



Bloke S



So that all seemed great, but I’m a bit put off by the prices. I don’t see myself as particularly tight on clothing, but for me the £20 + £2.50 postage is in league with Ipsuis, who’ve got a fair development process in sourcing their materials—perhaps something I’d think about paying that price for. Paying quite a bit over the normal £10–£15 range without a great returns policy (like Next) has made me reconsider—delivery on a monitor from Dell is only £3 in comparison. Perhaps I’ll catch Matt on Sunday...

P.S. Having just spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out where I’d made a typo in this post I’m wishing Blogger gave line references for HTML errors.