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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Grade 6 guitar and STEP Maths 3

On Sunday I took my guitar exam, with some panicked learning of scales before hand, which seemed to pay off. Today Gordon had the exam report—pass with merit—which suprised me, as much of the learning happened on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. (Text typed below incase the scan is hard to read.)

Guitar grade 6 exam report

Moreno-Torroba - Alba de Tormes: A controlled and neat performance though much was at the same dynamic level. However you shaped the end well. A clean tone much of the time.

Couti - Etude: A neat performance with excellent articulation in runs. You met the technical challenges well and started at a well-judged tempo.

Powlesland - Cloud Nine: This started well. The syncopated rhythm sounded rushed at first and again in the middle section—ensure the pulse is quite rock solid through the detailed syncopations.

Scales and arpeggios:Scales and arpeggios known well. Prompt responses even. Exercises polished.

Sight reading: You got much of it. Pulse not fully realised.

Performance from memory: Excellent.

Ear tests: Errors in most tests.

The examiner, Nigel Springthorpe, was quite cool, and was trying to eat scones and drink coffee during the exam which was entertaining. For anyone interested in what I was asked in the exam I'd prepared the technical development (scales, arpeggios and technical bits from the green book) and was asked to perform one scale from each point as listed and all of the technical exercises.

I'm still in exams at college. STEP Maths III this afternoon wasn't amazing but could have gone a lot worse. Only 3 hours (of STEP Maths II) left until I finish my 10th exam season, when a few months of holiday start and I'll have time for some proper updates.