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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Poems from poetically inept cultures

I was having a chat to Si this evening and he mentioned DJ Shadow's remix of Keane's "We might as well be strangers" and how he wasn't particularly impressed, to paraphrase anyone could do it.

This reminded me of poems from other cultures and fond memories of GCSE English lessons but also poems from poetically inept cultures, an unpubublished work that tried to demonstrate this "anyone can do it" philosophy.

I rite poem with phnoe-et-ic spellin,
Dat isn’t English dey be yellin,
I come from Caribbean, it’s nice and hot,
Evry day, I smoke some pot,
I ‘ave two chillen and no real job:
Give me money.

He had a name I couldn’t pronounce.
He sold me drugs, by the ounce.
He was a dealer from Jamaica.
Jamaica isn’t England:
Give me money.

His name was Dave
He lived in a skip.
The food he ate came from a tip.
He urinate in the street.
The stench of ‘pee’ beneath your feet.
I don’t live in a skip.
So this is a poem from another culture:
Give me money.

Easter in a few days when I'll have the first chance to get away from Computing coursework for weeks.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

January 2005 exam results

Exam results day today, and I was pleasantly suprised.

  • Pure Mathematics 6: 70/100
  • Mechanics 3: 86/100
  • Probability and Statistics 2: 85/100
  • Economics of Work and Leisure (Unit 4): 75/90

I'm going to lessons to help with P6 resits, and the others all look fine. More updates to the site to follow in the coming weeks, I'm rather behind at the moment.