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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Year 13

Last night on Parkinson Razorlight performed the Golden touch, looks like I'm going to have to talk parents into signing up at the iTunes store.

College has started again properly, I've still got Mr. Wardell for one side of Physics but Dr. Martin for the other and in the two lessons we've had so far he seems really enthusiastic just a shame he's teaching the initally dryer side of the course on Mechanics. Computing is completely unchanged, my class is just a lot smaller, which is nice. Economics is the same less the upper sixth who left and a change of teachers and Maths radically different, though the class and new teacher seem fine she seems more keen to follow the syllabus than an interesting trail of thought.

Though we've only had two proper days of college everyone was in on Tuesday to confirm course choices which seemed plain crazy. Surely for most people the courses won't have changed that much and it seemed pointless to queue up for 2 hours to check and individual print off from their database matched their full print off of the database. If there was a problem for people changing courses the people copied the information off the form. Seems completely crazy to me. More people should do Computing.

Nearly a fortnight ago now I went to the orthodontist and got permanent braces, whilst they aren't painful much any more they're still annoying, and the dentist guy is wierd and doesn't talk much though Catherine informs me he's great to talk to we've only exchanged a handful of words and I've no read idea of what's happening, oh well!

Mamgu and Dadcu (Welsh for grandparents) came to stay last weekend, which gave me the chance to practise a bit of Welsh. They had brought a video of them singing at the national Eisteddfod of Wales (Eisteddfod is pronounced Est-eth-vod, "th" sound from "the") and the commentators between the songs talked so fast! I was only able to make a couple of words of sense out of each sentence, though I got more the hang of what my grandparents were talking about. I ended up as usual sleeping in the loft, which wasn't too bad, went out for nice food at the Red Lion, in Granchester.

Whilst they were here I ended up working on the Bank holiday Monday, though Alan and Mandy were in which livened up the day. Work isn't too great at the moment, new manager still being a bit quirky mind. I'm seriously contemplating asking to reduce my hours when I get nearer to exams as there's going to be a load more pressure this year with STEP paper and university offers to meet. Cambridge also wouldn't allow me to work if I got in, and I don't see myself at Waitrose long term.

I'm still deciding exactly where to go and as my application has to be in in a week and a half I've really got to decide quickly. I'm thinking I'll probably apply to Emmanuel instead of Jesus at Cambridge at the moment, then probably Warwick, St. Andrews, Bath, Bristol and Nottingham. Mr. Thomas has started Maths for Maths lessons doing Maths for people applying for Maths at Oxbridge, and we've all got to give talks. Keith gave me a few ideas of possible topics, not sure how long they've got to be though so hopefully I'll find out. I'm not sure how suitable the fascinating books I've read over the holiday are to talks.

Laurie, Lou, Si, Gill and me all went climbing after Si, Helen and I had a groovy picnic on Parkers piece on Wednesday, the last day of holiday. It was really nice weather and a superb day. Climbing turned into a bit of a chalk fight and Si's chalk ball shrunk lots and bar Gill who didn't climb we all looked a bit pale. Pizza hut was equally great; Colin and Wills came along and the evening was absolutely halarious, just a shame Gill, Colin and Laurie are off to Uni in a few weeks. Hope CU turns out to be as good this year!

I should go and do some Maths really. Helen tells me going back to school is fun; I think the lack of work over the holiday has really given me something to look forward to at half term!