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Thursday, August 19, 2004

August 2004 exam results

Results day! I wasn't sure what to expect, I wasn't happy with Maths at all during the exams, anyway, results:

Computing (A)

  • CPT 1: 97/105 - first easier paper
  • CPT 2: 84/105 - second, harder paper
  • CPT 3: 81/90 - coursework module examined in an exam 22 clear on the AS.

Maths (A, so far)

  • Mechanics 3: 67/100 - C
  • Pure 6: 68/100 - C

...still 30 clear with 4 modules to sit, overall averaging 83.75/100 on all modules (8 out of 12 so far)

Physics (A)

  • First exam: 89/100
  • Second exam: 109/110
  • Coursework: 83/90 41 clear on the AS.

Economics (A)

  • Unit 1: 79/90
  • Unit 2: 79/90
  • Unit 3: 105/120 23 clear on the AS.

Not too bad though I'm seriously considering resitting in January the maths exams, but I've got a while to decide yet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gareth, by Carl and Adam

Drawing of Gareth, by Carl (10/08/2004)

Gareth, by Carl, 10/08/2004. Tuesday was a bit slow at work.

Drawing of Gareth, by Adam

Gareth, by Adam, a long long time ago but I happened to find this so thought I'd add it here (not sure what the Steve bit is about).

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Back from holiday

I'm back from holiday, went to Norfolk again this year, and the weather was great. I've got a few photos I'll upload soon. The weather was amazing, some really nice beaches and walks. The cottage initally seemed rather nice, unfortunately though suffered seriously creaky floorboards, and on Thursday morning the hall flooded. We only seemed able to receive North Norfolk radio, available on both 96.2 and 103.2FM. Quality. Also, the TV arial was pointing north so was able to see the fine broadcasting the north sees. Nice. Anyway, the holiday was a nice break no computers and a break from work.

Musings: The new laws for animal rights protestors are generally welcomed; people can be seen as committing a crime but arson, theft and assult are all crimes already. Something the protestors also don't seem to have thought through, it seems to me, is that if the companies find it hard to operate their research in the UK they'll move abroad to a country with less stringent regulations, where no doubt the animals will suffer worse treatment.

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