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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Site and summer!

It's been a while since I've seriously worked on my site and CSS. The past couple of days I've done quite a bit of work on a few more advanced bits of CSS and I'd expected to find problems -- generally Internet Explorer has dodgy support and causes the most headaches, but strangely I seemed to have chosen the single feature IE implements well and Mozilla has a headache over.

Away from techy complaints I was talked into going to the St. Andrew's centenary event on Sunday and whilst the weather resembled that from Jurassic Park (-- the rainy bit). I'd heard of thebandwithnoname, the main event of the evening and they were more hip-hop than I enjoy though some of the house/trance before was rather good. Re:amos were great earlier, shame they weren't the lead act of the evening.

Playing tennis on Monday the combination of dodgy lines and a killer serve from Helen meant I fell over and hurt my wrist. Being injured is all part of professional sport though, and though it doesn't hurt much at all any more it might be recurring.

Spiderman 2 was good, "I'm back... ow, my back", but not a patch on Shrek 2 "Thank you, gentlemen. Someday I will repay you, unless of course I can't find you, or if I forget", and Thunderbirds looks like great potential, ruined.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wouldn't it be great if there were life size TV's?

Work wasn't amazing today, at least we've got just about enough staff and the new boss looks like he might cool down a bit after his rather intense first few weeks.

Anyway, I'm on holiday now and really enjoying being able to wind down a bit. Whilst I haven't had the fortune of a job like Simon's managed to land my dad's decided to keep me busy most of this week doing odd jobs for him and whilst there are more lucrative ways to spend my time at least I work from home so can do a few other things.

I've started work again on the arrangement of Bach's toccata and fugue for piano I wrote the toccata part of last year and have found how I really need much bigger hands. My piano teacher manages an octave at a strech so I find it a wonder how she's so good at the piano. A sixth finger would be useful too as I had a look at some Rachmaninov where the first 5 bars are full of 9-note chords.

On Thursday evening I played Simon at tennis for the first time this year; whilst I've been playing regularly against Will, Si claims to have hardly played this year. Well, he was err... rather good. The score naturally isn't important, but I think I've got a bit of work to put in before we next play. Whilst Nick has told me he'll turn me into the next Wimbledon star, or at least a Henman, he's on holiday for the next three weeks.

Earlier in the week I went to Megan/Hehe and Anokha's birthday party on Wednesday evening which was really good. The high quality organisation brought back memories of me ringing Nick some three hours before my birthday party to find he couldn't come and hadn't got my e-mail. I digress -- whilst I'm not sure everyone knew it was on and a few were on holiday it worked out quite well. Eventful conversation in Pizza hut including quality quotes such as "Wouldn't it be great if there were life size TV's?" (not too far removed from any vague context, I don't believe) and Katie's slight disappointment when the pizza without olives came with a double serving of olives, was really groovy.

At the Friday club bowling on Saturday morning I heard of how Simon, having warmed up during the first game was on course for a near perfect game before time ran out and so was expecting something similar on Wednesday. Whilst Si had an impressive lead in the first game in the second I got three strikes and a couple of spares and Sabrina seemed to turn professional nearer the end.

Having missed Megan's birthday by a whole month I felt rather disorganised; especially as I talked to Wing Yee before who had spent the entire morning shopping rather worried me, fortunately Megan seemed happy; just have to remember next year, and Anokha's in September. Shopping in August anyone?