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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Work on Valentine's day

Today I was awoken from sleeping at lunch by being shaken, apparently most of the dining room had been shouting at me for a few minutes and everyone seemed to think it was rather funny I hadn't woken up. Generally though work was rather good, in the morning Alan and I wrote "love" out in cod and made salmon hearts although I'm not sure many of the customers noticed or appreciated it the managers though it was rather good.

Thinking of which my valentines day has passed by without much happening although my dad made it special for my mum, which was nice and Roger at work said still after 36 years his wife is his valentine.. *aww!* I haven't got lots planned for the half term - mainly enjoying the first real break I've had from serious exam revision and college work since September although having said that I've got a test on the second day back.

The end of the half term has been quite good, things are going well and my brace isn't hurting at the moment although I'm sure the dentist will amend that next time I see him. Yesterday afternoon after finishing at lunch and there not being a CU cell meeting I had a lot of time to spare to made some fudge and unlike last time where it remained a gooey mess it has set!

I found a few welsh books that my parents have lying round the house (with such awe inspiring titles as "Living welsh"), but haven't found anything particuarly amusing yet. 'Moron' is the welsh for carrot, and there's a village called 'Plump' but the books seem to concentrate on boring and mundane topics with sentences like "Nos da; rwy'n mynd i'r gwely" - "Good night, I'm going to bed" which is just what I'm going to do (good link there, I think).

Sunday, February 08, 2004


I've just come back from the last in a series of "Promise" talks put on by CICCU, the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. Phillip Jensen, the dean of Sydney put on six talks from Tuesday evening through to Sunday on God's promises in Genesis. He was a really great speaker, just a shame I missed Tuesday's and Wednesday's talks because of work and Welsh.

Thinking of which Welsh is going reasonably well, I can now not only tell you what my name and where I live but also describe the weather now too! On Thursday afternoon I got my brace fitted - which was somewhat a suprise to me as I'd thought I had my appointment a week later. Strangely so did the dentist so I guess it was written wrongly on the calendar (can't think by who?) but I was able to have it fitted early. Fortunately it hasn't hurt too much, Friday wasn't the best day for not being able to speak clearly - a lot of talking. Saturday was good fun though as Lee and Steph spent the morning mickeying me, thalmon and muthelth were in strong demand.