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Saturday, January 31, 2004

November 2004 exam results

It's been more than a month since I've written anything here, really should make the effort after setting it up. Anyway, I had a great Christmas and new year, got a scanner from my parents for Christmas and had family friends over as usual on new years day which was good. Since then I've had an incredibly busy start to the term, with three maths exams - Pure 3 and 4 and Mechanics 2. On the topic of exams I got my results back from the November exams:

  • Pure Mathematics 1: 83/100
  • Pure Mathematics 2: 92/100
  • Mechanics 1: 97/100

Which I'm rather pleased about, just hope I'll be as happy in March!

I've also started welsh lessons, only had the one so far as it was called off last week due to the snow but next time I'm in Wales I'll have a great time saying hi to people and describing my family. The teacher is rather friendly and I'm going to the lessons with Will and as I'm still in full time education the course didn't cost me anything.

On the 22nd I went to the Delirious? concert at the Junction with Simon, Kate, Rich and the *amazing* Helen. The supporting act, Superhero was great and got a signed copy of their CD at the end of the night. The photos I took are online but unfortunately they are really blurry as I had my camera in a crazy mode, although fortunately I've found a few photos other people took elsewhere online. Met up with Lou and Gill from CU too and had a great night, can't wait until the tour in the Autumn!

College is fine, had a parents evening earlier in the term from which my parents came home pleased I think. Work is still reasonable although Simon's looking for a new job. Can't say it's something I've considered much but I guess something closer would be nice, anyone know of any extortionately paid jobs going for little to no work?