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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Nearly Christmas

I've had a great few days. Finished college on Friday with a good morning, starting with a nice suprise. Whilst in my P3 and P4 mocks I've just scraped B's I reached 100 UMS on my M2, 58/60. Rather pleased, although slightly discouraged as I didn't feel I had done well in the exam and my intuition is generally very good. Anyway, certainly not complaining but I've got some work to do on P3 and P4 over the holidays, which is what I was expecting.

Went shopping on Friday afternoon with Simon, sorted out most of Christmas presents now, and picked up my suit too. In the evening Friday club was great, went to Laserquest after a quiz. I think it was Simon's last, which is a bit of a shame as he is rather groovy, he's moving to Scotland. Hopefully his replacement will be just as cool.

At work on Saturday, being the last weekend before Christmas I'd assumed we would be flooded with customers. Evidently this is what the store had assumed; for much of the day there were 5, 6 or 7 on the counter. As we were overstaffed I was lent to other departments so spent time on fruit and veg, then later on pre-packed meat. Not really the most exciting of jobs but at least I had something to do.

In the evening I went to the YFC "Fire and ice" ball with *brilliant* Helen. Simon was working and so came later. Whilst I wasn't too enthusiastic about going, mainly because I was so tired after the day at work and getting up so early. Yet as Helen commented earlier it really was the "night of the year" - absolutely great fun! Lou from CU and quite a few others from college came so was much better than the last axiom. The event had been really well organised, a buffet and a few games and three rooms of music; live bands, a really good cheesy dj and another playing dance stuff.

I took a few photos, and they are online in the "photos" section, although I didn't take many photos. If you have any please e-mail them to me! I'm off to sleep now, going to go into town with Will tomorrow to get a few presents and return my suit. Happy Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

World Service

I've been having dreams recently.

In them I was writing Lord of the rings. My mum's a bit worried though, I've been Tolkien in my sleep.

In response to the floods of e-mail asking me why I haven't updated this for a while I can only apologise. College work has been dominating my life recently, I've got maths exams coming up in January (P3, P4 and M2) and the results from the November exams (P1, P2 and M1) on January 15th. Lots has happened this last half of term. I'm now actively working toward grade 6 on both piano and guitar, hopefully the grade 5 theory exam some time soon too, probably around Easter, if not then then the Summer. Work at Waitrose has been going well, although due to illness at times we've been a bit understaffed. On Tuesday I went in and was told I could go home, unknown to me it was my Christmas shopping day, which I thought only full time staff got. So, after my 5 minutes at work I was back off home!

Went to see Will in Netherhall's production of "little shop of horrors" which was very impressive, the set was great, professionally done and the whole play a great success. Mr Wells was there his ever smiling self raising money for Addenbrookes through a raffle to win a giant Tigger. Unfortunately I didn't win, although I could forsee some problems with parents and a 5 foot Tigger.

Other Fridays have been good, still going to Friday club which has been great fun this term. Thinking of which I went to the carol service on Sunday which was rather good, really worth going.

Had a nice suprise earlier this term, Delirious? are coming to the Junction in January so Simon has got me a ticket for Christmas (still not sure what to get him for Christmas... suggestions?), and their new album came out on Monday. I pre-ordered mine and the first 250 got signed, I'm number 145! Here are a couple of photos (shiny so rather hard to take photos of):

Great album too, and the concert comes just after all my exams! I'm off to watch the office now, hopefully will have time to update this later.