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Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Has been ages since I've updated this, been revising for exams I had today. P1 and P2 in the morning and M1 in the afternoon. Went reasonably well, not sure if it was well enough to get a 90+ mark though. Not sure when the results from these come out either, so I'll need to find out.

This evening a customer complained about me apparently because I hadn't served her because she was short... just didn't seem to get the irony that she was about the same size as me. No one I told could keep a straight face either, including the manager. One of the customers had a go at her too, but was rather busy this evening so didn't get away early.

Over half term, apart from revision did loads of things, did overtime on the first weekend working on both Saturday and Sunday, had a 'Murder Mystery' thing on Monday evening. I've got a few photos too although they didn't come out too well I'll put them up soon, was a really good evening and had lots of fun! Everyone was in cool costumes.

Had work on Tuesday evening and then slept over at Will's as his parents were away, was nice to see him as haven't been together everyday like at Netherhall. Went to visit some family friends on Wednesday, was raining lots though so didn't go out for a walk which their area is great for, lots of fields!

From Thursday through to Saturday grandparents came to stay, although I wasn't in for quite a bit of the time so didn't see as much of them as I would have hoped as I needed to spend some time revising too. Hopefully I'll have more time over Christmas! Anyway, Thursday evening was Sam's party, unfortunatley my camera batteries ran out so there are only a few photos and they aren't very good and I had to leave early and not stay over like lots of people as there was a LAN the next day.

The LAN was really good, had a great time as most of us haven't played any games since the last LAN at Chris'. Didn't take many photos here either, despite my new camera.

Over the weekend did some shopping, got a few new clothes and did revision. Had the Saturday off on holiday so I've got just the one day left now for the rest of this year! I've pre-ordered the new delirious? album too - out 15th December.

I should be off, get on with some work I've been putting off whilst revising!